Shopping malls

The Izu peninsula has a lot of shopping options, particularly when it comes to high quality locally made products.  If you needs / want a big shopping mall you have a couple of options with La La Port Numazu and Sun To Moon Kakitagawa both of which are located in the northern part of the peninsula.  There are other smaller shopping malls listed below but these two are the “big ones” that have lots of stores, movie theaters, restaurants, a bowling alley, etc.

As for everyday stores like groceries and pharmacies there are lots located in all of the key areas of the peninsula.  The Izu peninsula is remote compared to other parts of Japan but there is at least a convenience store pretty much everywhere you can reasonably expect one.

Grocery stores / drug stores / pharmacies

MaxValu (マックスバリュ ) may be the largest grocery chain on the peninsula.  There are also some Food Store Aoki (フードストアあおき) locations which is slightly upmarket compared to MaxValu.  The north part of the peninsula has multiple Espot (エスポット) locations which are on the cheaper end of the grocery store scale.   There are alaso locally-owned groceries stores but they are slowly disappearing due to the growing number of chain stores and convenience stores. 

If you are looking for a regular drug store to pick up over-the-counter medicine, shampoo, etc. there are a number of the following chains: Welcia (ウエルシア), Create (クリエイト), and Sun Drug (サンドラッグ).  These places also stock some groceries.

To get a prescription filled from a Japanese doctor, there is pretty much always a small pharmacy right next to (or in) every hospital or clinic.


There is no shortage of souvenir stores.  One place that has a variety of different products are the Roadside Stations (道の駅).  These are rest stops that are government-designated and can be found all over Japan.  They all have free parking and washrooms, and many of them have restaurants, souvenir stores, tourist information centers, etc.  The Roadside Stations around the Izu peninsula are a great place to check out some local items but the stations do vary in size and facilities.  All of the major destinations on the Izu peninsula have more than enough souvenir stores.

100-yen stores

You can find 100-yen stores across the peninsula that have all sorts of cheap things for sale.  Some of the 100-yen stores in touristy locations have some souvenirs for sale but in many places in Izu the products are geared towards local residents (household items, some food and snacks, etc.) Daiso (ダイソー) is by far the most widespread chain but other chains include Seria (セリア) and 100 yen house Lemon – AKA Lemon (100えんハウス レモン).

A chain store that is popular with tourists and locals is Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) because of range of items for sale – food, clothing, household items and a lot of odd merchandise that some buy to give as quirky gifts. Some of the larger outlets (called Mega Don Quixote) have an even greater range of items.