City / town offices

Residents of Japan will need to visit their local city / town office to register a change in address, to register a hanko (a seal / stamp than is used in many official documents in Japan instead of a signature) etc.  Some services are available online and some documents can actually be printed out at convenience stores once you have set things up at the office.  The list below includes a few places that are technically outside of the Izu peninsula but are located nearby.

Mishima City Office

Shimizu Town Hall

Numazu City Hall

Atami City Hall

Ito City Hall

Izunokuni City Hall

Izu City Office

Shimoda City Hall

Higashiizu Town Hall

Kawazu Town Hall

Matsuzaki Town Hall

Minamiizu Town Hall

Nishiizu Town Hall

There are additional branch offices that provide some of the services of the main office.

Immigration office

The closest immigration office is in Shizuoka city – Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau Shizuoka Branch Office.  The Immigration Services Agency has an English page.

Registering bicycles

Bicycles need to be registered and it is now a law in Shizuoka that you need bicycle accident insurance. Some apartment rental policies may include coverage for bicycle accidents.