Air / train / bus

The closest airport to the Izu peninsula is Shizuoka airport (Google map link).  The number of domestic flights to / from the Shizuoka airport should increase once COVID restrictions are eased. 

For international travellers arriving in Tokyo, there are a number of buses and trains to different areas in and around Izu.  The number of options will change as COVID fades so you need to check for updates fairly regularly.

Many travellers end up getting to the Izu peninsula via the Tokaido shinkansen which runs between Tokyo and Osaka. There are two stations that the Tokaido shinkansen stops at as is passes by the Izu peninsula: Atami and Mishima.  Atami is a large hot spring / resort town on the north east coast of the peninsula and the main train lines (regular and shinkansen) from Tokyo / Yokohama travel to Atami and there are additional transportation options from there.  From Narita aiport it is about 2 to 2 ½ hours to Atami by shinkansen.  Mishima station is only seven minutes from Atami on the shinkansen link.

You can also take regular train lines to get to either Atami or Mishima and continue on from there.

From Nagoya and Osaka airports there are also a large number of trains and buses that head to the Izu peninsula and the surrounding area.  From Kansai airport it is about 4 to 4 ½ hours to Atami by shinkansen.

Buses from the airports to Mishima or Atami can take a bit more time if there is bad traffic on the highways.  This is fairly rare most times of the year but should be expected during busy times of year like Golden Week.

Car / rental car / motorcycles

Some people choose to drive to the Izu peninsula because of the convenience of having their own vehicle to travel around the peninsula.  There are a number of free and toll roads to the Izu peninsula depending on your starting point.  Almost all of the roads on the Izu peninsula are toll-free. But the Izu Skyline, Izuchuo road, and the Shuzenji road are toll roads.  You can avoid these toll roads by taking the normal (but somewhat slower) regular roads.

There are lots of car rental options in the northern part of the peninsula but your options lessen the farther south you go. Currently there are places to rent a motorcycle in the peninsula itself but there are a few options nearby listed on the Getting around the Izu peninsula page.

See the “Car / taxi, motorcycles” section of the Getting around the Izu peninsula page for more information about driving around the peninsula.


Izu is also serviced by a number of ferry routes.  Check the links below for more information.

  • Atami and Ito to Oshima Route
  • From Atami, Ito and Inatori to Oshima Route
  • Tateyama to Atami via Oshima


The last few years has seen a steady increase in the popularity of biking to and around the Izu peninsula.  Many of the roads are fairly narrow but the views are amazing. Although there are no separate bike lines in Izu local motorists seem to be becoming more aware of bikes / bikers and there are a few more roads with painted bike lanes.  Make sure you and your bike are a visible to vehicles as possible.

While there are more services catering to bicyclists but keep in mind that some parts of the peninsula are fairly isolated and you need to be prepared. Do your research ahead of time and you should also be comfortable with doing basic repairs to your bike.  There are some long stretches in many places between bike repair shops. If you check “bicycle repair shops” in Google Maps there will be a fair number of results. However, some bike shops are small hole-in-the-wall places that work mostly on commuter bicycles. It would be a good idea to check beforehand in the area of the peninsula you are travelling to.

Some roads leading to the Izu peninsula are fairly flat but that changes once you get to the peninsula itself.  Even some of the coastal roads have some solid elevation gains. 

See the “Bicycling” section of the Getting around the Izu peninsula  for more information.