The Izu peninsula offers a full range of festivals from traditional festivals with huge floats, fireworks, and drama to quiet and relaxed cherry blossom festivals.

A significant number of festivals were cancelled in the last few years due to the pandemic but things are slowly returning to normal. 

Events are listed in chronological order but the lingering effects of the pandemic may results in schedule changes. 

Mishima summer festival.

Events are listed in chronological order but the lingering effects of the pandemic may results in schedule changes. 


  • Multiple times per year: Fireworks festival in Atami (website in English and Japanese – the Japanese website has more information)
  • Every month: Market in Ito city held here (website – Japanese)
  • Every Saturday and Sunday: Morning market in Ito city held here (website – Japanese)
  • Multiple times from the end of July to the end of August: Ito Onsen Sea Fireworks Festival held in Ito city



  • February (beginning): Jiguchi Andon in downtown Mishima (website – English)
  • February (middle of the month): Burning of Omuro Mountain. The grasses on the mountain are burned off yearly. (website – Japanese)
  • February (all month) Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival held at different locations around town mostly along the Kawazu River (website – Japanese))
  • February 3: Setsubun Festival at Mishima Taisha Shrine in Mishima (website – English)
  • February (middle): Izu Marathon from Shuzenji to Mishima Taisha Shrine in Mishima (website – English)
  • February (mid-month to May 5): Flower festival in rice fields around Matsuzaki (website –  Japanese)
  • February: Cherry Blossom Festival in Kawazu (article – English)
  • February 11: Onbisha festival in Shimoda (website – English)
  • February 25 and 26: All Japan Pillow Fight Tournament in Ito city held at Ito Citizens’ Sports Center (website – Japanese)


  • March 5: Ito Onsen Tokaikan Festival. This is a performance with geisha and traditional instruments. (website – Japanese)
  • March 27 Okichi festivals (Shimoda) – (website – English)
  • Late March to Mid-April: Cherry blossom festival in Shimoda at Hongo Park) – (website – English)
  • Late March to Mid-April:  Osawa Onsen cherry blossom festival in Matsuzaki set by an old (website – Japanese)
  • Late March to Mid-April: Cherry blossom night viewing in Ito city at Sakura no Sato (website – Japanese)
  • March 30 – April 11: Cherry blossom festival in Matsuzaki along the Naga river.  There are about 1,200 cherry blossom trees in the area.  This Google Map link goes to a nearby bus stop.  (website – Japanese)



  • May: Ishibu Rice Terraces Rice Planting Festival (website – Japanese)
  • May 2-5 Spring Atami Beer Festival held at the Atami Water Park (website – Japanese)
  • May 5: Spring Festival in downtown Mishima (website – English)
  • May 14th and 15th: Noh performance held in this part of Ito city.  (website – Japanese)
  • May 21, 22: Black Ship Festival in Shimoda (website – English)
  • May (third Sunday): Iwachi Onsen Big Fishing Festival at Iwachi Beach (website – Japanese)


  • June 1 to September 30: Ito Onsen Yukata Rental held in this building. This is not a festival or event but a place during the summer to rent a yukata.
  • June (early): Firefly festival in Mishima at Rakujuen Park and the Genbe River area (website – English)
  • June 1-12: Firefly viewing at Atami Plum Garden (website – Japanese)
  • June 4 and 5: Open air forest market.  The market is held in a campground and has a variety of arts / crafts and other stalls.  (website – Japanese)
  • June 4-12: Firefly viewing at Lake Matsukawa and Maruyama Park in Ito.  (website – Japanese)
  • June: Inatori Fertility festival in Higashiizu website article
  • June: Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda (website – English)


  • July to August: Ito Onsen Sea Fireworks Festival held at Ito city. (website – Japanese)
  • Middle of July to middle of August: Yusuzumi “Thrilling” City event held at Matsukawa Fuji no Hiroba. (website – Japanese)
  • July (one of the early Sundays): Ishibe Onsen Earth Towing Net Festival at Ishibu Beach (website – Japanese).  A large fishing net is pulled in and the fish is barbecued.
  • July 15-16: Kinomiya Shrine annual festival held at Kinomiya Shrine and other locations.
  • July 15-16: Atami Kogashi Festival.  It is help along route 135 (website – Japanese).  This is the biggest festival in Atami.
  • July 18 (held on Marine day, a statutory holiday): Kumomi Onsen turban shell hunting at Kumomi beach (website – Japanese)
  • July 1: Ceremony of the opening of the Mt. Fuji climbing season at south exit of Mishima station (website – English)
  • July 3 (first Sunday in July): Wash tub boat race in Ito city in this area of the Matsugawa river. (website – Japanese)
  • July 15, 16: Water festival in Shirataki Park
  • July 24 Fire Festivsl in Nishiizu (Dogashima)–Website (Japanese) article pirate ships
  • July 15 and 16: Kogashi Festival in Atami – (website– Japanese)
  • July 16 to 19: International Marlin Fishing Tournament in Shimoda (website – English)
  • July 17: Shirahama beach festival: Shirahama Ohama beach (website – English)
  • July 23 to August 27: Ito Onsen Sea Fireworks Festival.  This event is held on multiple days in Ito.  (website – Japanese)
  • July 26-28: Marine Festival in Shimoda (website – English)


  • August (no date yet): Summer Geisha Festival held at Atami Performing Arts Hall
  • August 1-4: Atami Beer festival held at Atami Water Park.
  • August 3: Izusan onsen summer fireworks festival held along the Izu coast.  (website – Japanese)
  • August 8-10: Anjinsai festival in Ito held in this part of the city.  There are different events on different days of the festival. (website – Japanese)
  • August 12: Izu-Taga Maritime Fireworks Festival held at Taga bay (link goes to nearby Nagahama Seaside Park (website – Japanese)
  • August 12-16 Izu-Taga Beer Festival held at Nagahama Seaside Park (website – Japanese)
  • August 14 and 15: Taiko Festival in Shimoda (website – English)
  • August 14 and 15: Ajiro Onsen Furusato Festival held in Amiyo Onawa Park (website – Japanese)
  • August 15 and 16: Summer Festival Fireworks Festival in Matsuzaki at Kumomi beach (website – Japanese). 
  • August 15-17 Mishima Summer Festival in downtown Mishima (website – English)


  • September (first Saturday and Sunday): Kaiyouyoku Sea Festival in Shimoda (website – English)
  • September (held on a Sunday): Sparkling city of the sea festival at Matsuzaki port
  • September (held on a Sunday late in the month): Chohachi Festival which honors a local plaster artist.  The festival is held at Izu no Chohachi museum.  (website – Japanese). 
  • September 20 to October 2: Izu Kogen Craft Forest Festival held near Mt. Omuro at the Sakura no Sato (Cherry Blossom Village).  Craft artists sell their products at stalls set up near Mount. Omuro. (website – Japanese)


  • October:Ishibu Rice Terraces Rice Harvesting Festival (website – Japanese)
  • October: Handheld / homemade fireworks festival in Shimoda (website – English)
  • October 1, 2: Yumae Shrine Autumn Festival held at Yumae Shrine and other locations (website – Japanese)
  • October 10 (held on Sports Day every year): Kumomi Onsen Pirate Cooking Festival held at Kumomi beach in Matsuzaki (website – Japanese)
  • October 19, 20: Imamiya Shrine annual festival held at Imamiya Shrine and other lcoations (website – Japanese)
  • October 29-30: Shirahama Shine Annual Festival (website – English)
  • October (end): Halloween Parade in Mishima (website – English)


  • End of November to early January: Aloe Flower Festival in Shirahama / Shimoda (website – English)
  • November 2 and 3: Autumn festival held in different places around Matsuzaki. (website – Japanese)
  • November (held over a few days early in the month): Kawazu Cutural festival held a different locations around the town (Kawazu town event website – Japanese)
  • November 3: Autumn Post Station Festival in downtown Mishima (website – English)
  • November: Local product market contest at Road Station Kaikoku Shimoda Minato (website – English)
  • November 5,6: Atami Fish Festival held at Atami Water Park
  • November 10: “Butt sumo” (my own translation) festival held in Ito at Otonashi Shrine.  Imagine two competitors standing on the top of a narrow platform trying to hip check their opponent off and you get the gist of this festival.  (website – Japanese)
  • November 12 to December 4: Atami Plum Garden Maple Festival held at Atami Plum Garden
  • November (mid to late November) Funato no Banya Spiny Lobster Festival in Kawazu held at Funato no Banya (Kawazu town event website – Japanese)
  • November (late November to early December) Kawazu Autumn Festival hled a different locations around the town (Kawazu town event website – Japanese)
  • November 20: Summer festival / Fireworks festival in Numazu (usually held in summer) (website – Japanese)
  • November 23: Maple viewing festival at Ryutakuji temple in Mishima (website – English)
  • November (end): Sweet potato festival (website – English)
  • November (end): Radish hanging festival (website – English)


  • End of December to end of January: Narcissus Flower Festival in Tsumekizakia (Shimoda) –(website – English)