This part of the website starts with the Izu Skyline, then Atami, and from then on heads south along the east side of the peninsula and ends just before Shimoda. Shimoda is covered on the South Izu peninsula page.  

Izu skyline

The Izu Skyline is a toll road than runs north-south on the eastern side of the peninsula.  There are some great views and the skyline can also could save time if you are driving. From north to south is about an hour drive. The northernmost toll booth is here which is not too far from Atami and ends here

There is also a separate Nishi (west) Izu skyline.


Atami is a huge hit with domestic tourists due to its seaside location, hot springs, hotels, good train connections, and its proximity to Tokyo.  There are far more food and lodging options here than anywhere else on the peninsula.  The Atami city website has info here.

The town is quite hilly and it is a fairly steep trip from the train station to the ocean – if you have mobility issues it could a bit tougher to get around compared to other places.  Of course you could camp out in an hot spring hotel during your entire stay and make it an non-issue.

Some options in Atami:

Hot springs: there are dozens and dozens of hot spring options in Atami including day trip hot springs and hot spring hotels (Check the hot spring page for general information on hot springs and hot springs in the Shizuoka area).  If you are just interested in a day trip hot spring it is still sometimes possible to visit a hot spring in one of the better hotels – some hotels allow non-guests to pay a fee to just use the hot spring.  Not all hotels allow this and even the ones that do sometimes have limited hours for day use visitors.  In my experience the ones with limited hours allow non-guests in the late morning / early afternoon. There are maps available at the tourism information center with information on which hot springs are available only for the day.

There are so many hot spring hotels in Atami with so many room options you kind of have to pick your price range first and go from there.  Consider getting a room with an ocean view.  Some of the really good (and pricey) rooms will have a hot spring tub on a private balcony outside of your room with a view of the Pacific Ocean.  Hot spring hotels also have a broad range of add-on meal options (e.g. pay extra for higher quality sushi or steak dinner). 

  • Fireworks festival – held throughout the year
  • Tons of great restaurants – lot of seafood and some of pretty much everything else.
  • Atami sun beach
  • MOA museum of art
  • Kinomiya shrine – there is a huge 2000 year old camphor tree on the premises
  • Marine Spa Atami is located by the ferry terminal
  • Atami castle – great view of the ocean from the castle
  • Trick art museum – great for kids
  • Kiunkaku – a beautiful historical villa
  • Nishikigaura – there are ocean views from here but it is a bit far from the rest of Atami.  It is not far from Atami castle.
  • Hashiriyu is popular – it’s a thermally heated cave.

Usami Kannonji is a somewhat unusual temple. 

Nagahama Seaside Park might be worth a stop to stretch your legs if you are driving or if you have kids that are in need of a playground.

Ajiro is small coastal hot spring town. Lot of hot spring options next to the ocean.  It is much smaller than Atami with less bustle, fewer hills, and perhaps more local authenticity.

If you go farther down the coast you enter the municipality of Itou which has an English information page and a PDF brochure.  There is a fair bit to see and do in the area around Itou city.

Usami beach is a mid-size beach.  The road passes right next it so if you want a place to relax there are better options.

Butsugenji (a Buddhist temple) is listed on the Izu Geopark website.

Wasabi fields of Ikadaba – wasabi is a big Izu product and you can find wasabi ice cream, wasabi mayonnaise, regular wasabi etc. at many souvenir shops. 

Roadside Station Ito Marinetown (Google Map link) – this is a massive roadside station with a tourist information center, souvenirs, restaurants, a hot spring, etc.

Cycle Sports center – this is discussed in the bicycle section of the Getting around the Izu peninsula page.

Lake Ippeki is a short drive inland from the coast.

Mount Omuro is an oddly-shaped extinct volcano.  There is a chairlift to the top and a walking path around the rim.  The caldera has an archery range. The Izu Geopark has a writeup in English on its website.

A small shrine on Mt. Omuro.

The Izu Shaboten Zoo is right next to Mount Omuro.  The Izu Teddy Bear Museum and the Cat Museum are close to Mount Omurao and there are some other “quirky” places in the area.  The site also has glamping.

Izu Granpal Park is a water park with water slides.  It is aimed more at families.

The Jogasaki coast is quite popular and has some very interesting rock formations and a 10 k.m. trail along the coast.  The Izu Geopark website has a brief writeup about it.

Seaside at the Jogasaki coast.
Pedestrian bridge along the Jogasaki coastline.

I have not been to Izu animal kingdom but it is fairly popular place to visit.

The Hosono kougen (Hosono plateau) is a unique area of Izu.  It is a large open plateau with pampass grass fields.  There are edible plants that can be picked at certain times of the year.  There are number of different parking lots but be careful about driving up too far – the road becomes extremely narrow.

One part of the Hosono plateau.

Mineonsen Daifunto Park has a natural hot spring geyser, a free hot spring foot bath, and a regular hot spring bath nearby.  There is a place to make “hot spring eggs” at the park by boiling them in the hot spring water.

The town of Kawazu has a tourist information website.  The website is in Japanese.  There is a Google translate button on the website but that part of the website is all Japanese which renders it very difficult to use.

Kawazu seven waterfalls is located a bit inland from the coast. The falls are located just a bit off of road 414 which is the main road that travels north to south in the center of the peninsula.

The Dancing Girl onsen is run by the town of Kawazu.  It is a day onsen for 1000 yen for adults.  The website has a Google translate button on the top right of the page.

There is coastal walking trail that I have not tried yet but it seems to be start here. I will give an update when I get to it.

Atagawa Hot Park is right off the main road and has an English website.

Hokkawa Onsen (hot spring) has a fantastic location – right on the water.  The website is only in Japanese.

Atagawakaisuiyokuba Atagawa YOU Yu Beach is located in front of a group of hotels / ryokans.

I have not been to iZoo but like Izu animal kingdom closeby it seems fairly popular particularly with families.  iZoo focuses more on reptiles while Izu animal kingdom has larger animals.