This section of the website focuses on key destination around the peninsula.  More time / space is spent on the more popular destinations, but there is no shortage of small, out of the way, but extremely rewarding places.  Do keep in mind though that public transportation options are limited in some parts of the peninsula.  Check the Getting around the Izu peninsula page for more information.  Profiles of individual towns / cities / destinations will be made on blog posts.

The “Destinations” section of the website is dividing into the following pages:

1. North Izu peninsula and the surrounding areaThis includes the city of Mishima and nearby areas.  Some places listed are just a bit north of the peninsula but they are close enough to include.

Looking over Numazu city at sunset.

Winter festival at Tokinosumika

2. Central Izu peninsula along route 414 This section starts south of Mishima at the city of Izuokuni and focuses on destinations on / near route 414 which heads north / south down to the town of Kawazu to the south-central part of the peninsula.  If you continue along this road heading south you will end up in the city of Shimoda on the south coast.  Shimoda is covered on the South Izu peninsula page.

The interior of Farmer’s Hill Pizza restaurant.

3. East Izu peninsula This part of the website starts with the Izu Skyline, then Atami, and from then on heads south along the east side of the peninsula and ends just before Shimoda. Shimoda is covered on the South Izu peninsula page.

On a walking trail on the Jogasaki coast.

4. South Izu peninsula This page starts with the city of Shimoda and continues clockwise around the bottom of the peninsula until Hirizo beach which is at the southwest corner of the peninsula.

Looking down over Yumigahama beach.

5.  West Izu peninsulaThis section continues clockwise direction and starts at Senjojiki on the southwest part of the peninsula and finishes at Osezaki Kamike Pond at the northwest tip of the peninsula.

The west coast of the peninsula has a stunning coastline and great views of Mt. Fuji.

6. Izu island chainThere is a chain of islands south of the Izu peninsula that can be reached by ferry.