The primary goal of the website is to provide information to visitors and residents of the Izu peninsula.

This website is the result of a project that has been on the drawing board for a number of years.  There are a number of websites with information on the Izu peninsula but I wanted to create one that was more user friendly – i.e. places mentioned on the website have Google Map links and website links wherever possible.   

I also wanted to include a large number of “off the beaten track” places that are extremely rewarding but almost never get mentionen.  A lot of the information provided to visitors and residents steers people towards the same fairly small number of destinations.  While there is nothing wrong with that, I also wanted to provide information for people who had the opportunity to see and do a bit more than that.

The project was finally jump-started with a grant from the Suruga Institute (website in Japanese).  The project might still be in the idea stage were it not for the Suruga Institute.

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has made certain elements of the project quite challenging in the short term and has temporarily altered some aspects of it. 

The website will continue to be updated over time with new destinations and more in-depth information.